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Agile, Anytime, Anywhere

We believe a successful knowledge system should be light, agile and accessible. Our platform provides you exceptional easiness and flexibility to contribute, organize, share and consume knowledge anytime anywhere, be you an individual or an organization.

Right People, Right Time

Our platform aims to deliver the right information and knowledge to you just in time. We also help find the right people with the right knowledge by searching their knowledge footprints, learning history or their talent profiles.


Our platform helps business to integrate knowledge with the business objects (e.g. process, project, product, customer, etc.). Well-organized knowledge around business data and workflow will generate actionable insights for the enterprise.

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Start Agile Knowledge Unit


Knowledge Card is the smallest functional unit of our agile knowledge management system. It is the most flexible and powerful container that provides you the convenience to create, access, and share knowledge.

  • Generate and keep your knowledge content at a minimum level, such as on a single topic.
  • Reference the knowledge cards from other organizing entities such as Books, Categories, Lists and Processes.
  • Powerful search and multiple navigation methods allows easily finding the most relevant knowledge.
  • Highly flexible in publishing and sharing knowledge through knowledge cards with team members or customers.
  • Enhanced enterprise level security can be easily applied to the lowest level of the knowledge unit.
  • Skills can be improved at your own pace by learning card by card at anytime anywhere.

Organize Agile Knowledge Units


Knowledge book is a broad container of knowledge cards and content block which are flexibly organized.

It could be used to as an online course or an e-book. Knowledge book can be used to share knowledge or provide training to employee, partners or customers for a complete and bigger knowledge topic or subject. By gathering knowledge cards and content blocks, knowledge book provides a fast and easy way for people such as training providers, managers, customer service representatives and book authors to deliver tailored training materials to or share customized knowledge subjects with specific groups of people concerned with specific use cases.

Right People with Right Knowledge


Manage user in a central place with their knowledge profile and knowledge scores. Follow right people, ask questions and get knowledge stream anytime anywhere.

  • Manage business units, roles and relationships of users.
  • Maintain full user profiles and know better about people who work with you in teams or organization.
  • Follow subject matter experts and continuously learn from them
  • Easily find right people who can answer your questions or help you on your work anytime anywhere.
  • Communicate with people whenever you need them.

Comprehensive Security

Enterprise Level Context Sensitive Security Control

Easily control various operations to different level of knowledge with respect to the business context

  • Manage users by security roles.
  • Security control at the minimum knowledge unit level (Knowledge Card).
  • Security control to the bundle of knowledge (Knowledge Book, Knowledge List).
  • Security control based on business context (Business Process and Project).
  • Assign security of knowledge to individual users or business units
  • Easily publish to the whole organization or to Internet