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    Manage and share knowledge with exceptional easiness anytime anywhere. Improve training quality and achieve learning goals with fun and engaging experience.


Agile, Anytime, Anywhere

We believe a successful knowledge system should be light, agile and accessible. Our platform provides you exceptional easiness and flexibility to contribute, organize, share and consume knowledge anytime anywhere, be you an individual or an organization.

Right People, Right Time

Our platform aims to deliver the right information and knowledge to you just in time. We also help find the right people with the right knowledge by searching their knowledge footprints, learning history or their talent profiles.


To help achieve learning goals and create a learning culture, we build fun and competition into the learning environment. People are more engaged and motivated by being recognized and rewarded for knowledge contribution or learning accomplishments.

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Knowledge Card

Knowledge Card is the smallest functional unit of our agile knowledge management system. It is the most flexible and powerful container that provides you the convenience to create, access, and share knowledge.

  • Generate and keep your knowledge content at a minimum level, such as on a single topic.
  • Reference the knowledge cards from other organizing entities such as Books, Categories, Lists and Processes.
  • Powerful search and multiple navigation methods allows easily finding the most relevant knowledge.
  • Highly flexible in publishing and sharing knowledge through knowledge cards with team members or customers.
  • Enhanced enterprise level security can be easily applied to the lowest level of the knowledge unit.
  • Skills can be improved at your own pace by learning card by card at anytime anywhere.

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