Manage your business anytime anywhere.
    Real-time business insights at your fingertips.

Agile, Anytime, Anywhere

We believe a successful business application should be light, agile and accessible. Our solution provides you exceptional easiness and flexibility to organize, share and access data, information and wisdom anytime anywhere, be you an individual or an organization.

Right People, Right Time

Every business application helps people directly and indirectly. Our solution aims to deliver information and services to your employee, partners and customers just in time. We help right people with right solutions by providing tailored data, functions, features, workflows and user experience.


Every business has at least one core business object. We call it Prime Object. Our solution helps you build a working system that manages your business objects (e.g. process, project, product, customer, etc.). Well-organized data, knowledge and workflow supported by a solid business application will help improve efficiency, enhance quality and generate actionable insights for the enterprise.